Sonic Coloring Pages

Do you remember Sonic? It is the name of a main character in a game which is known to be called as Sonic the Hedgehog. This video game is the one that is introduced so long time ago and of course, this game is also a part of my childhood too since I played it a lot. In the game, which is in fact available in some different versions, including; platform, puzzle, racing and also sports, Sonic is not the only character found. There are a lot of other characters found in the game too, including those who are antagonist like Dr. Eggman.

As a remembrance of my childhood memory, of course the one that is related to the experience of playing the video game, I created Sonic coloring pages that you can download for kids, students, or some people else. For you to know, Sonic is a character that is available in some different versions or designs. It is so reasonable then if I also use some different looks of his in the coloring pages.

As a tip that you can use when coloring these pages, you can focus more on using blue and also white color to fill the images that I created. Of course, there is no other reason but because those colors are the main color of Sonic. Even if it is the main tip that I give to you, you have to remember also that actually there are some other colors for other Sonic versions, including yellow for Super Sonic.

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