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Yo Gabba Gabba is children’s television show that is so famous in America. This TV show was on air for the first time in the year of 2007 and it is still a hit among kids right now. In the TV show, there are 5 different major characters that can be found and of course they are the main materials of my Yo Gabba Gabba coloring pages that you can find in this page.

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The very first character in the TV show is DJ Lance Rock that is more famous to be called shortly as Dr. Lance. The appearance of this DJ is really different from the real DJs that we can find in real world. His skin is dark and he has a totally contract orange hair that match the color of hid outfit quite the most.
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If you see him carrying around a stereo box, it is not actually a stereo box actually. Instead, it is a storage box which shape is so similar to stereo box and of course it is a feature of him.

Else than DJ Lance, there are 5 other main characters in the TV show that are basically monsters. Well, actually one of them is a robot that looks so similar to the robot in The Wizard of Oz called as Plex.

For the monster characters, there are; Muno the Cyclops, the pink Poofa that can be identified easily by her flower feature, Brobee the green monster that is also the youngest of all other characters, and lastly there is Toodee that looks to me as the cutest one, not only because of her light blue color but also because of the fact that she is a cat-dragon a species that can never be found in real life.
yo gabba gabba coloring pages

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