Moshi Monsters Coloring Pages

Moshi Monsters is actually the official name of a site that is designed for kids to be able to own a kind of virtual pets, which are no other else but the monsters themselves. This kind of virtual pet is certainly the one that is perfect to fill up kids’ leisure. Even so, parents must be aware because each monster has overload cuteness that can get kids addicted as seen in the Moshi Monster coloring pages available here.

Basically, there are 6 different pet monsters that can be kept virtually online in the site. Furi is the first monster of all. Just like his name, he is full of fur. If only his color is white, he will look like a legendary big foot monster or Yeti that can be found in snowy area.
moshi monsters coloring pages
Next, there is Luvli that looks more like a flying tomato instead of a heart with wings. There is also a cool zombie called Zommer that is away from the impression of scary and disgusting that is usually found in common zombie characters.

 If the world has lazy Garfield, Moshi Monsters has crazy Katsuma. This monster is mentioned to have similar physical appearance to that cat because of their stripe colors that has a quite high level of similarities. Other than Katsuma, there is one other monster character that is actually quite similar too to a character in an animation movie, Puss in Boots. This monster is Poppet, who wears a pair of blue boots. Lastly, there is Diavlo that might remind you of evil characters in Diablo the video game but this one is way cuter.
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