Monster High Boys Coloring Pages

All this time, I usually post pages with Monster High theme in this website that focus on the female characters available in the series. This time, I want to try something new by giving you Monster high Boys Coloring Pages to download without any charge. Even in Monster High female characters seem to be more popular they seem to be not complete without the availability of some friends or families of them who are boys.

In Monster High, there is more than ten boy characters can be found. Even so, only some that I think to look more awesome compared to the others. Let us say that there is Deuce Gordon that looks simply exceptional because there are kind of snakes on his head. Other than this one, there is also Holt Hyde who is no other else but the son of the Hydes. This one is special because of his burning hair that literary looks like a burning flame.
monster high boys coloring pages

For the fans of wolf, there is also a male character in Monster High who belongs to the wolf family. The name of this one is Clawd Wolf. Just like any other family member of his family, he also owns a pair of wolf’s ears. The last example that I can give to you here is Invisi Billy with his pale blue skin tone. If you have any request on other male characters in Monster High to be made into coloring pages for your kids or others, just feel free to tell me. Enjoy!

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