Daisy Duck Coloring Pages

When I mentioned about Gus Goose in my previous post, I got inspired to create some coloring pages about some duck characters in Disney. Let us start with this beauty, Daisy Duck. It is quite impossible that you do not know about her. She is a duck that looks pretty in her pink blouse top and also a pair of simple heels.

Besides, she is also known because of an oversized ribbon on her head. The color of her blouse, shoes, and also ribbon is known to be varied from an appearance to another. The sure thing is that each usually has matching color to one another.

baby daisy duck coloring pages
In Disney, Daisy is popular as the one that Donald loves so much. The fact is that she is his girlfriend. As for other beauty character of Disney, Minnie Mouse, she is a best friend. It seems that her personality makes her a perfect best friend for Minnie.

For you to know, Daisy is loyal friend and she has glamorous and high maintenance personality that makes her such a lady. She is not a perfect somebody because sometimes when Donald makes her angry she will show her temper too.

To remind you about this beauty duck with pretty eyelashes, here are some Daisy Duck coloring pages that you can download here free of charge. These coloring pages are also suitable to use to introduce Daisy to your children or other kids who are still young and are not really familiar with the duck and other characters in Donald Duck series.
daisy duck drinking a cup of coffee coloring pages

daisy duck eating ice cream coloring pages

funny daisy duck coloring pages for kids

princess daisy duck coloring pages

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