Hello Kitty Halloween Coloring Pages

We all know that Halloween is a special day that is closely related to various scary things and creatures. Have you ever imagine about some cuteness in this scary day? If you have not, these Hello Kitty Halloween coloring pages will show you about that.

Hello Kitty is a really cute character that is known very well by quite a huge number of people in many societies around the globe. It seems to be great if her cuteness is combined with the scary theme of Halloween.
hello kitty mummy halloween coloring pages
In Halloween, this kitty can really be anything she wants. She can be a wizard, completed with a broom that she can ride to fly somewhere she wants to get treats.

Besides, she can also be a zombie kitty with torn clothes but still in the same Hello Kitty, only her accessories are made to be suitable for the special day, such as skull theme ribbon instead of the pretty ribbon that she usually wears.

Some other simple look that she can try for Halloween is black cat look. Since she is a cat also, it seems that this look can be perfect for her.

In these coloring pages, I share various look of Hello Kitty, of course with Halloween theme. I hope that these pages will not only show you about how scary cuteness looks like. I do hope also that kids will love these and will color these for the Halloween holiday time that they receive once every year. Enjoy!
hello kitty halloween pumpkin coloring pages

hello kitty halloween skeleton coloring pages

hello kitty halloween zombie coloring pages

hello kitty vampire halloween coloring pages

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