Halloween Dracula Coloring Pages

Since Halloween is getting near it seems to be great for all of us to talk about many things that are related to it, including also about some scary and terrifying creatures that are often seen in many Halloween celebrations. One of the most famous is Dracula, a vampire creature that is known in all over the globe.

Until now, it is still quite problematic when it comes to explaining about Dracula because there are quite a lot of versions for the legend of Dracula.

From so many versions that can be found at this point of time, the most famous one is the legend of Count Dracula that pops up in many societies because of a novel that is entitled that is the same with the name of this character.

Right now, Dracula is a creature that is often pictured as the one with ability to hypnotized people and also shape-shift into a bat so that he can fly.

He is also pictured as a creature that is afraid of garlic and it is something that is still believed by people in many societies. The last but not least, he is also a night creature that is known to drink human blood to stay alive.

All explanations about Dracula seem to be full of scary thing that can possibly terrify any kids who hear about it. Since it is so, instead of sharing some terrifying images of Dracula, here I share some fun Dracula Halloween coloring pages that are of course more suitable to be given to kids so that the introduction of this creature, that is known to be afraid also with sunlight, can be done in a more fun way.

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