Scary Halloween Pumpkin Coloring Pages

Carved pumpkin that is more familiar to be called as the Jack O’ Lantern is an attribute that cannot be separated from Halloween, a festive celebration that is always held in every 31st of October in every year. This kind of lantern is the one that has been used since a very long time ago.

It seems that there is a certain story about why finally this lantern was invented. The sure thing is that the material used to create the lantern was not quite the same because people at that time mostly use various types of vegetables including turnip.

scary halloween pumpkin coloring pages
In the past, the design carved on this lantern was simple and it was always the same, which was a monstrous face. Really, for me that face design is a bit scary.

At this point of time, the design that can be applied to Jack O’ Lantern is more various and still the most popular one is the scary face that now has been modified to look better.

In order to prepare for Halloween, which is about to come very soon, here I share some scary Halloween pumpkin coloring pages that are perfect to be given for kids to celebrate this special day.

three scary pumpkins coloring pictures for halloween

You can download give these coloring pages in the day before they do the trick-or-threat tradition at Halloween night or even the day after Halloween when they have plenty of fun time in enjoying the treats that they gather. Hopefully these downloadable coloring pages will add more fun to them. Happy Halloween!
scary halloween pumpkin and the bat moon coloring pages

scary halloween pumpkin monster coloring pages

scary halloween pumpkin with cat face coloring pages
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