Friday, October 25, 2013

Frankenstein Halloween Coloring Pages

Another scary creature that is often used as costume inspiration when Halloween comes is Frankenstein. Actually, Frankenstein is a name that refers to a monster that is created from some different parts of dead body that is stitched to one another and then made to be life by using some kind of natural electricity source that is obtained from thunder.

frankenstein coloring pages for halloween
One thing that many people do not know is that the name Frankenstein is the one that is taken from the name of scientists who creates this monster. His name is Victor Frankenstein. Of course all of these names are just fictional names since both are taken from a novel that is so famous until now, entitled Frankenstein.

As a part of nowadays culture, Frankenstein monster is often described quite the same with the previous description. There are some features that make it easier to know about him. For examples, there are screws that are plated rather visibly on his temples and also both side of his neck.

Not only that, visible stiches here and there on his body are another special feature that he has. Other than that, he is often pictured with a rather pale or even green skin color too with torn clothes covering it.

So, that is information about one of the most famous Halloween monsters. And now, you can download all of these Frankenstein Halloween coloring pages that are so suitable to be given to young ages. Hopefully, these will make their Halloween celebration to be even more fun.

baby frankenstein with candy coloring pages

frankenstein and bats coloring pages for halloween

halloween frankenstein trick or treat coloring pages

funy and cute frankenstein coloring pages
Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Halloween Dracula Coloring Pages

Since Halloween is getting near it seems to be great for all of us to talk about many things that are related to it, including also about some scary and terrifying creatures that are often seen in many Halloween celebrations. One of the most famous is Dracula, a vampire creature that is known in all over the globe.

Until now, it is still quite problematic when it comes to explaining about Dracula because there are quite a lot of versions for the legend of Dracula.

From so many versions that can be found at this point of time, the most famous one is the legend of Count Dracula that pops up in many societies because of a novel that is entitled that is the same with the name of this character.

Right now, Dracula is a creature that is often pictured as the one with ability to hypnotized people and also shape-shift into a bat so that he can fly.

He is also pictured as a creature that is afraid of garlic and it is something that is still believed by people in many societies. The last but not least, he is also a night creature that is known to drink human blood to stay alive.

All explanations about Dracula seem to be full of scary thing that can possibly terrify any kids who hear about it. Since it is so, instead of sharing some terrifying images of Dracula, here I share some fun Dracula Halloween coloring pages that are of course more suitable to be given to kids so that the introduction of this creature, that is known to be afraid also with sunlight, can be done in a more fun way.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hello Kitty Halloween Coloring Pages

We all know that Halloween is a special day that is closely related to various scary things and creatures. Have you ever imagine about some cuteness in this scary day? If you have not, these Hello Kitty Halloween coloring pages will show you about that.

Hello Kitty is a really cute character that is known very well by quite a huge number of people in many societies around the globe. It seems to be great if her cuteness is combined with the scary theme of Halloween.
hello kitty mummy halloween coloring pages
In Halloween, this kitty can really be anything she wants. She can be a wizard, completed with a broom that she can ride to fly somewhere she wants to get treats.

Besides, she can also be a zombie kitty with torn clothes but still in the same Hello Kitty, only her accessories are made to be suitable for the special day, such as skull theme ribbon instead of the pretty ribbon that she usually wears.

Some other simple look that she can try for Halloween is black cat look. Since she is a cat also, it seems that this look can be perfect for her.

In these coloring pages, I share various look of Hello Kitty, of course with Halloween theme. I hope that these pages will not only show you about how scary cuteness looks like. I do hope also that kids will love these and will color these for the Halloween holiday time that they receive once every year. Enjoy!
hello kitty halloween pumpkin coloring pages

hello kitty halloween skeleton coloring pages

hello kitty halloween zombie coloring pages

hello kitty vampire halloween coloring pages

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Scary Halloween Pumpkin Coloring Pages

Carved pumpkin that is more familiar to be called as the Jack O’ Lantern is an attribute that cannot be separated from Halloween, a festive celebration that is always held in every 31st of October in every year. This kind of lantern is the one that has been used since a very long time ago.

It seems that there is a certain story about why finally this lantern was invented. The sure thing is that the material used to create the lantern was not quite the same because people at that time mostly use various types of vegetables including turnip.

scary halloween pumpkin coloring pages
In the past, the design carved on this lantern was simple and it was always the same, which was a monstrous face. Really, for me that face design is a bit scary.

At this point of time, the design that can be applied to Jack O’ Lantern is more various and still the most popular one is the scary face that now has been modified to look better.

In order to prepare for Halloween, which is about to come very soon, here I share some scary Halloween pumpkin coloring pages that are perfect to be given for kids to celebrate this special day.

three scary pumpkins coloring pictures for halloween

You can download give these coloring pages in the day before they do the trick-or-threat tradition at Halloween night or even the day after Halloween when they have plenty of fun time in enjoying the treats that they gather. Hopefully these downloadable coloring pages will add more fun to them. Happy Halloween!
scary halloween pumpkin and the bat moon coloring pages

scary halloween pumpkin monster coloring pages

scary halloween pumpkin with cat face coloring pages
Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Donald Duck Coloring Pages

As one other legendary character, Donald Duck is a character that is so easy to recognize. Moreover, you may already know about this character so well. Since it is so, this time I want to talk about more about his fun fact to complete these Donald Duck coloring pages instead of the general information about him that you already know. This will add more knowledge about him in you.

donald duck the sailor coloring pages
Donald Duck is a character that was created around the year of 1934. His first appearance was made in the same year in a cartoon entitled The Little Red Hen.

When you see this cartoon you might got surprise because the appearance of Donald is so different from his current look. In the cartoon, he seems to look more like a goose instead of a duck. From that time on, Donald has undergone a lot of changes that make him finally looks like he is now.

His voice is another thing that can remind everybody about him. It is too bad that there are still a lot of people who don't know about the people who voice this.

From the year of 1934 when Donald made his first appearance until the year of 1985, Donald was voiced by Clarence Nash, who is also an American voice actor. The next voice actor that replaces Clarence Nash is Tony Anselmo, who is also known as an American animator. Until now, the iconic voice is Donald duck is still made by this voice actor.

disney donald duck printable pictures

donald duck in party coloring pages

donald duck mad coloring picture printable

free donald duck coloring pages to print

Monday, October 7, 2013

Baby Bugs Bunny Coloring Pages

If you are a fan of Looney Tunes, You may already know that there is another series of it that is known to be called as the Baby Looney Tunes. This series, which is introduced to public for the first time in the year of 2002, shows the same characters just like in the common Looney Tunes series. The difference is only that this one show the story of all characters when they are still babies. One character that can be found in this series is no other else but Baby Bugs Bunny.

cute baby bugs bunny coloring pages free
Just like in the common series, in this baby series, Bugs bunny can be said as a character that has a rather higher popularity among people. One of the reasons is possibly because he has a very cute-looking appearance as seen in my new collection of Baby Bugs coloring pages.

If Bugs looks rather tricky, this cute character may also be tricky but in a cute way. It is so reasonable then if the number of fans of this character is high too.

In the baby series of Looney Tunes, Bugs is actually the eldest. This fact is the one that automatically makes his the leader among all other babies.

As a baby leader, it seems that Baby Bugs is not really a good one. This is proven by the fact that disputes is always around in his leadership. Although it is so, this is actually the one that makes the series to be funny and quite addictive to watch.

baby bugs bunny breakfast

baby bugs bunny eating caroot coloring pages
baby bugs bunny playing toys coloring pictures
baby bugs bunny playing scooter coloring pages

Unknown Bunny, Loony Tunes
Friday, October 4, 2013

Daisy Duck Coloring Pages

When I mentioned about Gus Goose in my previous post, I got inspired to create some coloring pages about some duck characters in Disney. Let us start with this beauty, Daisy Duck. It is quite impossible that you do not know about her. She is a duck that looks pretty in her pink blouse top and also a pair of simple heels.

Besides, she is also known because of an oversized ribbon on her head. The color of her blouse, shoes, and also ribbon is known to be varied from an appearance to another. The sure thing is that each usually has matching color to one another.

baby daisy duck coloring pages
In Disney, Daisy is popular as the one that Donald loves so much. The fact is that she is his girlfriend. As for other beauty character of Disney, Minnie Mouse, she is a best friend. It seems that her personality makes her a perfect best friend for Minnie.

For you to know, Daisy is loyal friend and she has glamorous and high maintenance personality that makes her such a lady. She is not a perfect somebody because sometimes when Donald makes her angry she will show her temper too.

To remind you about this beauty duck with pretty eyelashes, here are some Daisy Duck coloring pages that you can download here free of charge. These coloring pages are also suitable to use to introduce Daisy to your children or other kids who are still young and are not really familiar with the duck and other characters in Donald Duck series.
daisy duck drinking a cup of coffee coloring pages

daisy duck eating ice cream coloring pages

funny daisy duck coloring pages for kids

princess daisy duck coloring pages

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Snow White and The Prince Coloring Pages

It's such a long time for me and my team to get another coloring request from our beloved reader. I got my latest order in last August and it's almost a month I didn't get any order to run this free service though I was in free time in first two week in August. That wasn't a happy moment to wait the autumn season comes.

disney princess snow white dancing coloring pages
But our waiting time is broke right now because one of the best father from Netherlands already sent email to us containing the request. Michael gave the message and he told me if her daughter is big fans of Snow White and she needs more coloring pages of her especially with the handsome prince. That's okay, here it goes.

I made three different pictures to complete Michael's request and create something special in this job. "Let's dance Tiffany", a little sentence I drew on the picture. This is what Michael wants actually and this is really great ideas to make coloring activity more fun with the part when kids can color their name.

According the rules, 3 images is the maximum amount for each request but we always open our door to next second, third or fourth request from the same reader.
snow white and the prince coloring pages

snow white and the prince picnic coloring pages

Unknown Disney, Snow White