Luvli Moshi Monster Coloring Pages

Luvli, which is shown in these downloadable coloring pages, is a real lovely in Monstro City, a place where all Moshi Monsters live. Well of course she cannot really be described with that personality only. The fact is that she is more than lovely. She is a shopaholic because of her fondness in shopping. She is a truly girly monster because of this fact.

moshi monster luvli coloring pages
Cherry fruit is the one that can be used to describe the shape of this sweet monster. Her shape is even more realistic because there is a kind of stem on her head with star shape at the very tip.

For your info, this stem is not just an accessory that can make her look pretty. This little monster can use it to absorb energy. This ability is the one that make her cool, right?

One other characteristic that you have to know about Luvli is that she has a pair of wings that can of course make her fly. It makes Luvli the second flying monster in Monstro City after Diavlo.

Unlike any other characters, including Poppet, in Moshi Monsters, most Luvlis are seen in their basic appearance. Even so, players can still make her look different by choosing different color for this monster when they are registering to adopt Luvli as their virtual monster pet in the official site of Moshi Monsters.

There, players can keep their Moshi pet and finish various types of missions with the pet as the main character.
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