Angry Birds Season Coloring Pages

Are you familiar with a red fat bird which is very phenomenal today? You can find that stuff everywhere, right? Some merchandise of the bird is sold in many shops. You can find bedcovers, books, t-shirts, blankets, curtain, toys, pencils, plates, mugs, bowls, and many more printed with this cartoon character. The name of the bird is Angry Bird. It is such a legendary character today because everyone in any age adores it so much. It is undeniably cute and funny.

Well, actually the character is taken from a video game by Apple which is firstly released in 2009. Then, market responds it well. So, people exploit the character into stuff to liven up the market.

The result is Angry Bird becomes more popular over and over again.

Besides buying the episodes of video game, they collect all of the things about this cute character.

Now, I try to save the hunger that people have in collecting the stuff by creating some coloring pages. The pages will make your collection more colorful. In addition, the pages will be good media for fun activities.

You can color with red for the round body and yellow for the peak. Black and white colors are also needed for the eyes. Gradation coloring technique is also able to be applied to make the picture more stunning. Gradation is good to show a light effect. Well, the good news is that you do not need money to have all angry bird coloring pages and other coloring pages from this website. All are free here.

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