Horse Coloring Pages

Are you looking for Horse coloring pages? If you are so, this is the right place to get pictures that you want. You can download the picture you want for free. Here, many kinds of horse coloring pages are available. You are able to get the knight, cartoon, jumping and other themes under the umbrella of horse things. You do not need to be advanced to draw the pictures since the every single shape here is quite simple even for beginners. The images are created using CorelDraw X3 software program. I just need two hours to finish it. It looks simple, right? Hopefully, you can enjoy the pictures.

Horse running coloring pages


The first picture is running horse. You can see some grasses there near the rear legs. It will be so wonderful if you give green color for the grasses. The grasses are also a great sign to show that the horse can mingle with the environment around very well.

Dark brown will be the best preference for the horse unless you want to bring a fairy tale story and prefer white horse rather than dark horse. Or, you can adopt the color of Thunder, the Zoro’s horse by coloring it with black. But, dark brown will give you a better effect since you should pick black for the hair and the tail later on. To make it more dramatic, you can explore more your talent in coloring by creating some spots on the body with lighter or darker motion. Gradation coloring technique will make the picture more perfect also.

Knight horse coloring pages


Let us move on to the next picture. The second picture is about knight riding a horse. This picture gives you more areas to color. It is not like the first picture, you can give silver color to the knight, horse neck protector and helmet here. It is because those things are usually made of metal. Red or blue is also a good idea to color the dresses on the body.

I just want to share my opinion, for the horse body I prefer black for the color because it makes the horse look strong. It does not matter if you prefer another color for it.

Horse jumping coloring pages


Are you familiar with this picture? Well, if you are such a big fan of sports cars, you may know it well. It is a logo used by an outstanding automobile manufacture, Ferrari. Then, I try to bring that famousness into a coloring page. It is interesting to encourage children to color a page and introduce them with something big like Ferrari. It can also improve their knowledge, right?

Besides Ferrari, this picture maybe can remind people with an American cowboy. The position of the horse is really awesome. It looks that the horse wants to show its power to people around like what a cowboy movies shows about. Well, in short words, this collection will be good spirit and expression for people who pretty like Ferrari or a cowboy’s life.

Some people must assume that it is a masculine symbol describing power of wild horse. Personally, I think the picture is totally cool. Drawing a horse with this pose is challenging. I use some tricks to make it better and better including applying rotating technique. I draw a horse and then I rotate it 45 degree to get the jumping pose.

Horse cartoon coloring pages

It is stated for sure that every single little girl is a big fan of cute pony and horse cartoon coloring pages. But, this collection is made not just for a girl. It is also suitable for a little boy.

Many popular characters are inspired from the animal. There is such a little touch from Eeyore character in Winnie the Pooh actually. I just try to make Eeyore a horse. That is funny and cute, right? Great combination of donkey and horse characters is shown through this picture. This picture makes me inspired to draw a special picture of Eeeyore little while later. Just wait for it then.
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