Monster High C.A Cupid Coloring Pages

C.A Cupid coloring pages is a good idea to give a fun activity before Valentine day for your kids or other children you are close to. Chariclo Arganthone Cupid is a daughter of Eros, the God of love based on the Greece mythology. Preparing more pink color is recommended for the project because it is her favorite motion.

In person, I was amazed of her beautiful appearance. Pink, grey and black color will be a really good combination to draw the symbol of love and relationship. I have done little bit modification in her shoes by removing the heart shaped chain. It think that replacing the chain with the standard shoe strap is the best alternative ever because I can't find any clear images to see the real shape.

Speaking of the appearance of C.A Cupid, she has truly fair complexion. However, the complexion can turn into black like what happens with Spectra. If she does so, it means that she is going to be transparent. She is so beautiful with her aqua eyes. In addition, she wears pink lipstick that is totally perfect for her complexion. It has been mentioned that the dominant color for this figure is pink. One of the body parts of hers that you should be pink is her hair.

The most inviting thing that she has is bone wings and I think she will be a beautiful angel if the wings are replaced with smooth dust. It will be cool. You must love it since after coloring the page you can frame it and hang on your bedroom wall.
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