Monster High Lagoona Blue Coloring Pages

Coloring99 is an amazing website for coloring fans. If you declare that you collect some coloring pages about anything, you should explore this web. Various themes of cartoon are provided here. One of themes that you can find in this page is Monster High Lagoona Blue. From the name, you may know what she looks like. The body is blue of course. Why does she so? She does since she is a daughter of the sea monster. So, sea is the place she belongs to.

Regarding to her personal life, she lives with her pet named Neptuna. It is a piranha as well. People in Monster High know her as a friendly person. Additionally, she also cares much about environmental. Pollution and trash in the ocean will make her angry. She does not want anyone destroy the place where she was born. She loves all elements and creatures in the ocean.
Appearance is a good topic to discuss here. You need to take into account about that. Besides assisting you recognizing Lagoona Blue better, information about her figure will help you color the page.

Well, her whole body should be color with aquatic pale blue. Her hands are webbed. That also belongs to the color. Legs are also a target to be blue after the webbed hands.

She is really attractive with curly blonde hair. You can pick yellow for blonde. For a hat on her head, it should be blue also. Usually, she wears a jacket. And, the color of the jacket is black for the arms and blue for the front part or chest.
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