Monster High Cleo de Nile Coloring Pages

You must recognize which one she is when looking at a picture of some Monster High creatures. From her name, you know that Cleo de Nile comes from Nile River. She is an Egyptian. Showing up with Egyptian style, she is really recognizable. She treats everybody royally. So, no wonder, she wants everybody does the same to her. It is so bad because she is well known for her selfishness and arrogance. She is also spoiled. With others, she is overly competitive. However, she has a lot of friends because she is thoughtful, kind, and caring. She really cares about her mates.
 If you are not familiar with this ghoul, you now really do know. Moreover, you can obtain some pictures of her from this website for free. You can download and print it as many as you want. Then, color the pictures of her. In addition, the pictures are available in different poses and angles.

All of those are really attractive and cool. You must love coloring every coloring page of her.

Do you need some cues for coloring Cleo de Nile? Well, you can start from her skin. Compared to other ghouls, she looks sexier with her exotic skin tone. The skin looks flawless and so marvelous. Just be careful in choosing the color for it.

Actually, you can pick light brown for that effect. Turquoise is chosen for her eyes. But, if you do not have the color in your pencil box, you can change it with green.
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