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When I posted about collections of coloring pages in Ninjago theme, I forgot to include another protagonist character who is also a ninja. The name is Cole and can actually be said as one major character in the ninja series. Compared to any other good ninja in Ninjago series, in my opinion Cole is the best if the topic is appearance. The reason is because he wears black suit, which is no other but the most common suit for ninjas in general.
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In Lego Ninjago Cole coloring pages that I create, you can see that Cole owns some different types of weapon. Even so, you have to know that actually his favorite weapon is called as Scythe of Quakes, the one that you can see in the first coloring page.

The color of this weapon is gold and it belongs to the earth element. Such thing is certainly reasonable because Cole is actually also an earth element ninja.

Just like any other ninja characters in Ninjago, Cole also owns different costumes. Cole ZX costume is the one that I found to be more fascinating that other costumes he wears. It is not only because there is a special silver feature on the ZX mask.

Instead, it is also about more details available in this costume, such as the pair of silver badges on his shoulders. This costume is quite simple actually but still I found it to be so stunning. Which one do you think to be the most interesting look of Cole when he is in his ninja costume?

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