Skylanders Coloring Pages

Are you looking for Skylanders coloring pages to complete you collection? If so, you are in the right place. Here are some more collections in which more characters of the game can be found. Those characters are including giants, dragons, and some others. The giants are the ones can be seen in the two newest series of the game. They are Crusher, Eye-Brawl, Ninjini, and also Swarm. Of course they are not the only giants can be found in Skylanders but they can be said to be the quite cool representatives of course.

To complete the collections, Elves characters in the Skylanders game series are also included. They are Flameslinger, Stealth Elf, Fright Rider, and Hex.

All of these characters look simply amazing even if they are not colored yet. Thy will look even better if you already color each of them. See, the coloring pages collections are complete, right?

Download the pages here now and you will certainly have some fun because each page is made in high display quality.

Next, there are the dragons. As we all know, in Skylanders, dragons are other characters that play quite important roles.

There is Spyro that seems to be more prominent than other dragons because his name is mentioned in the title of one Skylanders series, which is Spyro’s Adventure.

There is also Whirlwind that looks simply stunning with her blue and white color combination. Other dragon characters included in the coloring collections are Cynder and Flashwing, which are also female dragons.
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Write by: Robbikal Karim - Wednesday, May 1, 2013

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