Skylanders Elves Coloring Pages

Other than Giants and also Dragons, Elves are other cool characters available in the Skylanders. Since it is so, Skylanders Elves coloring pages are also the collections that you may not miss to grab for your lovely ones. These coloring pages are recommended to choose because they are made to be exactly the same with all elves in the game series. Coloring each of them is certainly fun for your kids. Check out each of the pages and download them all for your kids.

The coloring pages consist of some major elf characters in Skylanders series. Basically, all elf characters in the game own quite the same characteristics. Their skin color is in the shades of green or blue.

They have quite large eyes and their ears are pointed. Flameslinger is the very first example of elf that appears almost in all series of the game.

Flameslinger is an archer elf and his element is fire. Other male elf in the game is Fright Rider who belongs to the undead. Rider is a name given to him because he obviously rides an ostrich, the one that already becomes a skeleton with glowing eyes.

For female elf, there are 2 coolest characters which coloring pages should also be downloaded. Those characters are Hex who is also an undead and Stealth Elf who looks so amazing with a pair of special-looking blades. When you are about to download the coloring pages, you may not forget to download these characters’ coloring pages too.

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