Skylanders Magic Element Coloring Pages

This is very special for me because I made the Skylanders Magic Element coloring pages based on someone request. Actually, she only asked my if I have other Skylanders coloring pages or not because her kids love this game so much. What an honor I got. A special request from my fellow readers. I got the email some days ago but I just read it today. And really sorry for this lately response.
I would like to request any of the Skylander coloring pages you have for my sons. They love Skylanders.
Thank you,

That's Lissa's email that she sent to me. And here I made another coloring pages about her kids favorite games. I draw the characters with magic ability.

skylanders magic elemental coloring pages
The other magic character, Spyro is in Dragon category and here are the three others : Pop Fizz, Double Trouble, Wrecking Ball and Voodood. Hopefully you like and thank you very much for your request.
skylanders magic double trouble coloring pagesskylanders magic wrecking ball coloring pagesskylanders magic voodood coloring pages skylanders magic pop fizz coloring pages
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Write by: Robbikal Karim - Sunday, May 26, 2013

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