LEGO Ninjago Lloyd The Green Ninja Coloring Pages

Lloyd, who is also known as The Green Ninja, can be said to be another character in Lego Ninjago collection that arrest my mind quite well. There is no other reason why such thing can happen but because this character is well-known as the strongest ninja in the series. The interest on this ninja is the one that push me positively to create some free printable Lego Ninjago Lloyd The Green Ninja coloring pages.

In Lego Ninjago, Lloyd appears in different variations. He also looks quite stunning in his Ultimate Spinjitzu Master suit which color is mostly gold with some greenish accent at the front.
For me, individually, he actually looks best in his Elemental Robes and also ZX ninja suit because these ninja suits seems to show his real identity as The Green Ninja.

When it comes to weapon, there are some weapons that I found to be quite interesting, and of course they are used by Lloyd. The first example is Golden Katana that is usually used in the set of Lloyd ZX ninja suit. This katana looks simple but can match his style the most.

One more interesting fact about this katana is that it is actually quite popular in Ninjago. Other than this one, Super Bolt is another weapon that is also related closely to Lloyd. It seems that this one is made especially for him because of the green blades of it.

Other that these two significant weapons, there are still some others that are used by this ninja character in Ninjago. One of them is the very simple-looking Nin-jo.

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