Skylanders Giants Coloring Pages

Skylanders Giants coloring pages are the ones that you have to download right now if you kids love to play Skylanders video game that owns a quite high level of popularity since it was released for the first time in 2011. The giants themselves consist of some different characters. Let us say that there is Crusher who belongs to the Earth element. This character is so iconic not only because of his huge hammer but also because he is a Rock Giant.

skylanders giants coloring pages
Other than him, there is another giant character named Eye-Brawl. His name is so suitable with his physical look because there is a huge eye that seems to become the center of him.

Even if his eye is so huge he is a headless character actually. It might be the reason why he can also be mentioned as Cyclops.

Unlike Crusher, he belongs to the Undead. He appears in the two latest titles of Skylanders game series which are Skylanders: Giants and also Skylanders: Swap Force.

skylanders crusher coloring pages
Other cool giant character in the game, which coloring page should also be downloaded, is Ninjini. This one is rather different because it is a female giant from Genie species. Just like the previous example of giant in Skylanders, she also appears in the last two series of the game. Last example, there is Swarm that looks a little bit like a kind of insect, a bee to be more specifics. Hopefully your kids will enjoy these coloring pages and increase their fondness to the game.
 skylanders eye brawl coloring pagesskylanders ninjini coloring pagesskylanders swarm coloring pages
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