Shining Armor Coloring Pages

Do you still remember a wedding scene showing up in My Little Pony series? Well, if you do, you must still remember the pony who gets married with Princess Cadance, right? That is true. He is Shining Armor, the male pony who leads Crystal Empire. He looks manly with his athletic figure. Still, like other ponies, he also has a unicorn on his head. It must be interesting to get complete characters in your coloring pages of My Little Pony, right? So, I have an idea to include this good looking male pony into my website. I create some pictures of him and upload in Coloring99 so that you can download it.

Your little kids will be so excited finding Shining Amor in their collection. Automatically, they remember about the beautiful wedding of his and Princess Cadance’s.

They will have new spirit to continue coloring after getting some bored with same pictures in the bindle.

A male character in My Little Pony gives different color for kids. They will think that coloring pages that they have are various. Various media are good to stimulate them doing the activities.

If you are broke but you need to give a work book for your kids, this page is a totally brilliant solution to go. Shining Armor is one of my favorite pictures I make. It is because I never make a male horse before. Then, I find that Princess Cadance has a fiancée so that I look for that one and make the coloring page of it.
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