Bugs Bunny Coloring Pages

Bugs Bunny is a really well-known character that made his first appearance in the year of 1940 in The Wild Hare. After that, he was known as one of the main stars in Looney Tunes and the Merrie Melodies until now. His physical appearance is something that is so easy to recognize. He is a gray rabbit that looks like wearing a pair of white gloves on his hands.
As a cartoon character, Bugs is a smart and rather tricky one. He is often placed in one scene with a hunter that always try to catch him but it seems that he always fail because Bugs tend to use a lot of various tricks in order to get away from the hunter.

This concept is something that is already shown in his first debut in The Wild Hare back then in 1940.

Take a look at some Bugs Bunny coloring that I've made. They're very cute and funny looking bunny. One thing that everyone should know about him is that his appearance that I show to you in the coloring pages is in fact his latest appearance.

The fact is that Bugs already undergone a kind of evolution from time to time until now he looks like these. The very first design of him, if seen from side view rather looks like a rat with long ears and you may not recognize that it is him. Even so, Bugs Bunny is still a cute and funny looking hare that we all love.

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