Stork Coloring Pages

For some people, stork may be a type of bird that does not have any special things that they do not adore this species. For me, this bird is simply special. First of all, it has two special features that can simply make it different from any other birds in all over the world. Those features are its long legs and also its beak. Other than that, stork actually also has a rather fascinating appearance, especially when it flies. Right now, there are quite a lot of stork species already found and each species has different colors in their feathers, from the bright to the dark one.

dancing stork coloring pages
The really special beauty of stork, as you can see in my stork coloring pages, is the one that makes it is used as the main object in quite a lot of paintings, especially the ones that can be categorized as traditional Chinese paintings. The use of stork as main object in such painting is not merely about the beauty that it has.

For you to know, it is also about the fact that this bird actually has a certain meaning in Chinese wisdom. The meaning that this bird brings is no other else but longevity.

For some of us, seeing stork in its natural habitat may be a thing that is quite impossible to do because not all of us are living in an environment where this beautiful bird lives. Even so, there is still a chance for all of you to see this bird at zoo if you really want to know about how a real stork looks like.
stork nesting coloring pages

couple of stork coloring pages

stork and the little babies coloring pages

stork coloring pages
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