Fairly Odd Parents Coloring Pages

Fairly Odd Parents is another cartoon that I used to watch and I just love it. This series tells about a young boy named Timmy and his fairly odd parents, which are in fact a husband and wife too. Both of them always help Timmy in his life, especially when he has to deal with some problems including the ones that are created by people around him.

fairly odd parents coloring pages
The female fairy in this cartoon series is named Wanda. Her default look is a flying fairy with pink hair, floating crown, yellow top, a pair of wings, and also a fairy wand. Her husband, Cosmo has green hair, the same floating crown and fairy wand, but he wears different clothes that look more like formal men suit.

For you to know, these fairies often change shapes too in the story. For Timmy, he is a young boy with brown hair, blue hat and pink top as his default look in the series.

Vicky, the babysitter, is another person who causes trouble to Timmy. That is why the fairies are always there to help him. Even they are the ones that are known to cause troubles to Timmy there are actually a lot more other characters that cause the same things too, including also one of his teachers that is known to be obsessed with fairies so that he always want to catch Cosmo and Wanda.

Together with the fairies, Timmy faces them all in various adventures that are told perfectly in the stories.

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