Quail Coloring Pages

Quail is a species of bird that, at a glance, looks like kiwi bird although it is actually a different species of birds. If kiwi cannot fly, quail is different because it can fly. If I may say, quail is a rather cute because of its physical appearance. It looks rather round and short and this look is just so cute. You can see it in the following quail coloring pages.

attwater greater prairie quail coloring pages
The bird can be even cuter because of the fact that there are quite a lot of species of quail that can be found in all over the world.

Many of them even have some special features that make them look different.

For example, there is mountain quail that has a long crest on its head and it also has a rather colorful feather instead of the one that belongs to brown quail that is known to look like kiwi bird.

There is one other thing that you have to know about this bird beside its beautiful looking. It is that this bird is in fact quite significant also in cookery. Its meat can be cooked in many way and its egg is another delicious ingredient that can be used to create a lot variety of foods.

lesser prairie quails coloring pages

If you love to eat quail egg, which looks like a small version of chicken egg, you have to be careful because it is said that the amount of cholesterol in this egg is higher than in chicken’s egg.

gambel quail coloring pages

northern bobwhite quail coloring pages

quail coloring pages

scaled quail coloring pages

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