Hello Kitty Coloring Pages

Hello Kitty may be a very famous cute cartoon character at this point of time. Even so, do you know that she is actually a classic character that was made a very long time ago? This cute kitty made her very first appearance sometime in the year of 1974. She is in fact a cartoon character that was made by Yoku Shimizu as an addition to the already available Sanrio characters at that time.

After her appearance with other characters of Sanrio, she was known better among a lot of people. Moreover, she also appeared in some items too. The first one was known to be a coin purse. After that, she became more famous and was known for the first time in US 2 years after her first appearance.

hello kitty coloring pages
The fame of Hello Kitty is long lasting one. It is proven by the fact that nowadays, this kitty is still seen in many items here and there.

The very simple design applied to her, as you can see in the free Hello Kitty coloring pages that I share here, is in fact something that creates the long lasting cuteness and popularity.

This cute Kitty also known well with her bright colors that makes her so popular among girls or even women right now.

Hello Kitty is of course a very special character, for me at least. I believe that her fame will last not only now but also in the future. It is just so hard to resist her simple cuteness that is applied in a lot of items right now.
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