Goose Coloring Pages

If you are a fan of Disney series, especially Donald Duck, you may remember a character that is called as Gus Goose. He is a lazy and hungry goose that is known to be the cousin of Donald. Right now, I actually do not want to talk about Gus Goose. What I want to talk about is a type of bird, which is no other else but goose.

goose coloring pages
In the cartoon series, Gus is pictured to be white goose. In reality, goose is not always white in color.

The fact is that there are a lot varieties of goose exist in this world, here are some in these goose coloring pages, and all of them have lot varieties of color too.

For example, there is Canada goose that has black color from neck to head and a rather grey color for the rest of its body. These colors are not the ones that it gets since it is still a gosling. A gosling usually has different color that can be said to be a little bit yellowish.

From a lot fun facts about goose, there is one that you should know. The fact is that this bird naturally has the ability to fly in group with V shape. This fly formation is something that often seen when this species of bird is in migration season. The number of gooses involved in the V formation is not always the same. The sure thing is that the number is never too few.

canada goose coloring pages

flying snow goose coloring pages

greater white fronted goose coloring pages

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