Dove Coloring Pages

Dove and pigeon are two birds that often caused confusion in our mind. Let me give you a simple explanation that might help. Dove is in fact a member of pigeon family. The body of this bird is smaller and usually, it has longer tails compared to pigeon. Other difference that may help you identify a dove is that usually its color is white wile pigeon is rather greyish. For the foods that this bird eats, many people only know that it eats a variety of seeds only. The fact is that it also eats plants and fruits too.

free doves coloring pages to print
Dove is a bird that is used in several societies and cultures as the symbolism of some things. For example, it is often considered as the symbol of love. That is why it is often used as theme in romantic painting or photography.

Other than that, dove is also considered to symbolize purity. The combination of love and also purity is the one that often make dove to be a detail in a lot of wedding party and ceremony. Here I give you some dove coloring pages that you can download for free.

One other thing that you have to know about dove is that it is in fact a bird that can actually live a lot of places around the globe and it is already proven that most of them are found in the area of Australia and also Indonesia. It is so reasonable then if this bird is so easy to find in those areas.

dove coloring pages

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