Woodpecker Coloring Pages

What do you have in mind when you hear about woodpecker? It is so sure that you will directly remember about a cartoon character named Woody Woodpecker. Well, he is not the one that I want to share in these woodpecker coloring pages. This time I want to introduce the real woodpecker instead of the funny cartoon character.

pileated woodpecker coloring pages
You may already know that woodpecker is bird that has a very special and unique habit. The habit that is meant here is making a hole by pecking in a certain type of tree. It is known that actually each species of woodpecker has its own preference related to the type of tree that it pecks.

The hole created by this bird itself is something that is used by this bird to breed and roost. In all over the world, it seems that there are for about 200 different species of woodpecker found.

Each of these species has different physical features. Some of them are also known to have different habits too that sometimes depends on the type of habitat that they live in.

For Woody, you might get curious about what type of woodpecker he actually is. The answer of such curiosity is something that is quite debatable actually.

Some say that Woody is an acorn woodpecker. But, if we look closer to him, it seems that he looks more like pileated woodpecker instead of acorn. It can be seen from the more pointed red crest on its head that simply looks like the one owned by the cartoon character.
acorn woodpecker coloring pages

downy woodpecker coloring pages

golden fronted woodpecker coloring pages

hairy woodpecker coloring pages

red bellied woodpecker coloring pages

red cockaded woodpecker coloring pages

red headed woodpecker coloring pages

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