Big Macintosh Coloring Pages

After getting to know some characters in Angry Birds, let us go back to My Little Pony. I forget to give you something. Well, it is my bad actually. I have not finished exploring all characters in the cartoon series yet. So, let me do the project thoroughly. Big Macintosh is a character that should be listed here. And, I do now. I design several pictures of that character using my beloved software program. The result is really cool. Because of that, I am going back to My Little Pony series and starting with this character.

Big Macintosh is not his real name in My Little Pony actually. His original name is Big Apple. He belongs to Apple family. So, he does not included into Pegasus unicorn creatures. He is so cute with his bigger body compared to other ponies. Even though he appears in Applebuck Season only, people must still remember with his identical words eeyup and nnope. He often says the words with his slow voice.

 Now, you can have some pictures of them. I include Big Macintosh into My Little Pony collection because he has special stuff that makes people keep stuck on him. I also bring him into this website to make you not bored with the same pictures over and over. You can try to color this coloring page for variations. Remember, that fuchsia is the main color for his entire body. Cheese yellow is chosen for his hair and tail then. For apple emblem on his butt, apple green is so totally perfect.
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