Rainbow Dash Coloring Pages

Besides Spike, there is still another main character in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. If you still remember the story, you must not forget about a creature whose task is maintaining the weather. She is also responsible in cleaning the skies in the place where ponies live, Ponyville. It is the last pony with her lovely pet introduced in the series. After him, there is no introduction of pony’s pet anymore. Well, she has Tank for her pet. Tank is a turtle actually who always cheer Rainbow Dash up.

Speaking of her characters, she is playful and loyal. She is also mischievous sometimes. Ponies also know her with her laziness, competitiveness, and brashness.

Whatever it is, she is happy doing her job for Ponyville. She is flying to manipulate the weather and clean the skies. To know further about Rainbow Dash, you can go to some websites which provide information about her.

Here, what I focus on is pictures of Rainbow Dash. Honest to say that it is the most challenging picture I make for My Little Pony session.

She has many ornaments to create from head to toe. So, I strongly tell you that this picture is not for kindergarten or preschool students.

It is originally for elementary school children. If you are interested in the picture, you are able to download it. Then, print it for your students or kids. You can access the page without being charged no matter how many pictures you download from this page.

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