My Little Pony Princess Luna Coloring Pages

You must be familiar with the picture. It is true because I ever upload the same character picture in this website. But, I use a different heading. Nightmare Moon is the name that I used as well. In My Little Pony, the real name of Nightmare Moon is Princess Luna. She is a sibling of Princess Celestia. Because of that, similarly with her older sister, Princess Luna also has talent in magic. Several magic skills are mastered by her such as raising the moon, manipulating weather, wielding the harmony elements, talking through the moon, manipulating dreams, and transforming into some objects.
New Princess Luna Coloring Pages

She looks adorable with her big wings. But, it may be little challenging for you since there are some tiny areas that must be hard to be colored. I provide some options of pose that you can pick. First, you can have Princess Luna while her wings are spreading. Second, you can also have a picture when Princess Luna is still a baby. Third, I provide you winter situation in the picture of Princess Luna. She is wearing a flattering winter coat.

As I told you, that blue and purple are the most color used for this character. For more guides, you can open the previous page where I upload pictures of Nightmare Moon. Then, you can follow the rule. If you want something different, you can color the winter coat based on your own version. Or, you can find Luna with her winter coat in internet. Then, color the page based on the colored picture.
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