My Little Pony Applejack Coloring Pages

Applejack coloring pages are the newest collection dedicated for all people who are truly addicted to My Little Pony. Actually, she is a younger sister of Big Macintosh. She is also a good sister for Apple Bloom. She does not only help her brother, Big Mac collecting apples in farm named Sweet Apple Acres, but also helps other ponies in any condition.

For people who are not familiar with My Little Pony, I think they will think that Applejack is male due to the cowboy hat that she wears. And, they will be conscious when they hear her voices. It is quite terrifying.

It is good that before coloring the pages, you know little information about the character. She is diligent, mannered, impatient, caring, and honest.

Loyal and responsible are also her fair characters. Because of that, she has a lot of friends. She likes doing some activities such as cooking, apple bucking, athleticism, herding, playing music instruments, and ice sculpting.

Okay, talking about the way you should color the Applejack, you can use dark orange for the entire body. It is because her body color is similar with a pumpkin’s color. She usually wears a cowboy hat, right? The hat will be mocha. Or, if you do not have that pencil color, you are able to change it with brown. Meanwhile, the hair and tails are yellow.

To get the sneak peak, you can browse some pictures of it then color it similarly. For situation around, red is preferable for the apples in the basket.

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