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I have already discussed one of Apple Family members, Big Macintosh. Now, I am going to talk about another family member. She is a younger sister of Big Macintosh actually named Apple Bloom. But, media recognize her as Apple Blossom. Big Macintosh and Apple Bloom are Granny Smith’s granddaughters.

apple bloom in classic outfits coloring pages

They appear in several episodes. The most phenomenal skill owned by this pony is renovating and constructing building. She even ever handles a project of her brother’s house renovation. It must be really shocking. People will not guess that she can do that project because she is so cute and tiny.
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The most recognizable characteristic of Apple Bloom is her ribbon rear part of her head. It seems that she has long hair and ties the hair using the ribbon. Originally, she has three main colors without costumes. Those are pale yellow, fuchsia, and pink. Entirely, the body is covered with pale yellow color. Then, her lovely long hair is fuchsia. Last but not least, she uses a pink ribbon to tie up the hair.
mlp apple bloom coloring pages

Are you interested in coloring Apple Bloom in that way? If you are, you are able to get some pictures in Coloring99. All pictures are obtainable for anyone who wants them. Do you want to download some? Well, just download the pictures you want including Apple Bloom coloring pages. You do not need to register or something. Even, accessing and downloading the pictures are all free. Have a nice coloring activity with all pictures I provide in the website then.
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