MLP Scootaloo Coloring Pages

It seems that I am blabbering too much about My Little Pony. Yes, I am. It is because I think that the series is really lovely and interesting. All characters are attractive to dig out more and more. In addition, those are great for kids. Most of kids love the series. Because of those reasons I bring a lot of characters in My Little Pony into my website. Just guess, which character will I want to provide with some pictures now? To get an exact answer, you are able to cheat by looking at the picture.

my little pony scootaloo
Yes, the answer is Scootaloo. It is a little Pegasus pony. She is still in school age. One thing that I am interested in about this character is that she is not like other Pegasus ponies. Generally, the Pegasus ponies are able to fly. But, she has not. It is because she is still a kid. Even though, she has not been able to fly, she is good at driving a scooter in high speeds.
funny scootaloo coloring pictures to print

mlp scootaloo coloring pages

She adores Rainbow Days whose the job is manipulating weather and cleaning the skies. When she looks at the sky, she hopes that Rainbow Days cleans the skies well so that the day is so bright. Then, she can go playing a whole day long.

printable scootaloo coloring pictures

Light brown should be chosen for her body. Dark pink or magenta is also used for the hair and tail. All will make a good combination for Scootaloo. The most important thing to tell is dealing with the level. This picture is perfect for pre-school children because it is so easy to color.
mlp scootaloo coloring pages to print
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