My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle Coloring Pages

Twilight Sparkle coloring pages are ready to download. Twilight Sparkle is the main character in My Little Pony cartoon. This cute pony is brought into good activities through coloring pages. You must get so much fun by coloring this pony. The coloring pages are ready to download. Some positions and angles of Twilight Sparkle are available in this page. Standing still, standing on her knee, smiling, and feeling bored face are expression and position shown by the character. Just pick one that you are into.

Twilight Sparkle and her Element of Harmony
This character is such a smart buddy. She lives in Golden Oaks Library. Her knowledge is improved because she studies with Princess Celestia. To know further about her life, she has a purple baby dragon assistant named Spike who usually delivers her message to her mentor, Princess Celestia. Besides living with her assistant, she also has an owl pet. Its name is Owlowiscious.

Compared to other ponies in her club, she is little bit different. She is not truly sociable. She always avoids when her friends invites her to join the party. She prefers reading book in the library or discussing something with Spike rather than going to the party.

In coloring Twilight Sparkle, it is free for you to pick the colors. But, if you want the rule to follow, you can pick light purple for the body. Dark blue is for the hair and tails. Don’t forget pink color for the hair because besides blue he has pink hair layer. Color it as beautiful as possible so that it can be a great decoration hung on your bedroom wall.

Twilight Sparkle coloring pages gallery

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