Angry Birds Star Wars Coloring Pages

Can you imagine what will happen if Angry Bird and Star Wars are merged? It must be unique and legendary. Because of that I bring out the idea and explore it through coloring pages. All are great here. I design the cute bird with Star Wars costumes. You can see the pictures. Angry Birds and its friend will look like a powerful hero. They are super fantastic with that costume, right? With some hair and a sword, it looks Obi Wan Kenobi.
I had that brilliant idea when I watched the movie. Then, near the place where I sat down, I looked at my little sister’s Angry Bird doll.

It was really cute there. After that, the idea came. I run into my laptop and started doing that project. Then, here I upload the picture in this website.

You can have it all for free. But, there is no color there. Your task is making the picture more colorful and stunning by applying some colors.

If you have difficulties in choosing intended colors for that character, you can cheat and find the colored picture of Angry Bird to do the task.

It is good to spend much time at home in your holiday. My idea will accompany you through coloring pages that you have downloaded. Coloring is a fun activity to do. You can even color the pictures together with your sisters. Ask your mom to give you some snacks and a glass of lemonade. That will make the activity more fun.
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