My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Coloring Pages

Pinkamena Diane Pie is more known as Pinkie Pie. She is one of most popular My Little Pony figures. You can get something from the name, Pinkie. For sure, her body starting from head to toe is wholly pink. What makes one part to another different is the level of brightness. Her hair is little bit darker than others. Meanwhile the body is brighter pink. Hyperactive, cheerful, and kind are her main characters. She loves laughing soundly so that kids are easy to laugh too. She is funny and cute.

She works at Sugarcube Corner as a baker. She also helps the cake shop owner to babysit the babies. Every pony loves to know that Pinkie Pie is laughter. She laughs for everything though her friends assume that the thing is not funny. It is little bit weird and odd but fun actually.

All right, let's check my Pinkie Pie coloring pages gallery below. Make sure you've prepared your pink color pencil first. You should use the darkest pink to the brightest one for coloring Pinkie Pie.

To get the coloring pages, just right click on images. Choose view and save it in your computer. You are able to print it whenever and as much as you want it.

Okay, if you need old version of Pinkie Pie coloring pages that I've made before, you can get here. For your information, the site is changed into a new address so that I put my collections here. Just bit little different on the brand and I think it's not a problem for you, right?

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