Spike Coloring Pages

After sharing information about main characters in My Little Pony, here I discuss cameo characters to give you thorough information. Spike is one of characters that I think it is important to discuss. It is a baby dragon. He is an assistant of Twilight Sparkle. Besides being an assistant, Spike is also Twilight Sparkle’s best friend. Have ever seen some scenes in My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic? Spike is one of the imperative characters in that series. To know further, Spike is a playful, sensitive, and generous, and bit greedy character in the series. But, he is really loyal to his "boss", Twilight Sparkle.

You can have pictures with various angles and poses in this website. All pictures are able to be accessed by anyone for free.

You can have all pictures even without paying. It is good, right? Well, you can download now and print the pages for fun activities.

If you have no idea what colors you should pick for this dragon, you can follow my suggestion here.

First, pick blue for his whole body. Then, green is for his eyes, front part of the body, and also hair. But, you need three different greens actually. The spiky hair is the darkest of all. For the eyes, those should be little brighter than the hair.

For the front body, it is the brightest one. You should be careful in coloring the picture where Spike is playing. It has small areas that must be hard to be colored.
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