Katsuma Moshi Monster Coloring Pages

If being asked about which monster is adopted the most in the Monstro City of Moshi Monster virtual world, it is so certain that the answer will be Katsuma, a cat monster that you can see in these Katsuma coloring pages. As the most popular monster in the virtual world, Katsuma looks so cool, especially because of his facial expression that sometimes looks rather tricky.

moshi monster katsuma coloring pages
At a glance, maybe Katsuma simply looks like Garfield the cat because of the similarity of colors between both and also because they both are cats.

You need to know that actually Katsuma can also look like Pikachu the Pokemon if the main color chosen for him is yellow with black as its secondary color.

The similarity gets even stronger because the shape of his tail and Pikachu’s are quite the same also.

The best thing about Katsuma is not only merely about the fact that he is the most popular. It is also because he is the only one in Monstro City who can gain more and more weight.

Therefore, adopters should be careful in choosing foods for him if they do not want him to be overweight. Even if it sounds rather bad, there is no need to worry because it is not something permanent and the only effect that will occur when he is overweight is sleepiness.

If the effect of easting too much is just like the one that is experienced by this cute cat monster, it is so sure that everyone in this world will be happy.

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