Diavlo Moshi Monster Coloring Pages

Have you ever imagine before about a monster that is created from the combination of cute devil and a volcano? If you have never seen this kind of monster, it seems that these Moshi Monster Diavlo coloring pages are one that will tell you the fact that actually there is a cute monster like this. The name of this monster is Diavlo, who is no other else but monster in Moshi Monster World that speaks an uncommon language called as Diavlian.

moshi monster diavlo coloring pages
Diavlo is truly a cheerful monster. Because of this personality, pleasing him is not really a hard task to do.

When he is super happy, such as when he moves a level higher in Moshi Monster, he will get excited and there will be some kind of fireworks come out from the top of his head that looks like a crater full of hot lava. The way he explodes like this is rather cute instead of terrifying.

In Moshi Monster world, it is rare to see Diavlo walks on his feet because he prefers flying. For your info, Diavlo is the second flying monster there after Luvli.

Even the fact is like that, it does not mean that he never really stands on his feet. When he gets bored, angry, or annoyed, he will not fly but stand on his feet instead.

As a cute monster that is quite easy to please simply by tickling him, it seems that whoever adopts him will never see him on his feet.

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