Disney Princess Aurora Coloring Pages

Some days ago we gave you Snow White and Cinderella, there is also Princess Aurora in my Disney Princess coloring pages collection. Not to much because my team are in their own activity and I have bunch of job from my university. Well, this time I only able to share three images but you can request by visiting our request pages if you can't find what are you looking for here.
disney aurora coloring pages
She is my favorite princess because her appearance is so perfect for a beautiful and calm lady. Coming with a pink outfit and blonde hair, this princess must be able to attract your kids easily.

In addition, the story of Sleeping Beauty is really interesting to tell to the kids while they are coloring the page. This story was written by Charles Perrault in 1634. It is still really popular till now.

This sixteen-year old girl is physically beautiful. It is more impressive added by her good personality. She is playful, sweet, refined, and naive. She is cursed by a bad fairy that in her age of 16 years old, she will sleep forever. Because of that, her mother and father do not let her meet anyone. She is kept by fairies around her.

However, the curse still happens. Then, she sleeps and never wakes up. But, it is not for good. A charming prince named Phillip comes and kisses her on her lips. The curse has broken already. Well, you can tell that story to accompany your kids in coloring her Aurora coloring page.

princess aurora coloring pages

aurora and prince phillip coloring pages
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