Poppet Moshi Monster Coloring Pages

Poppet is a monster that looks simply like a pink cat. It is very cool yet so cute in blue boots that can be said also as the main feature of it. This combination between its cute pink color and also the boots that it owns might be the one that makes this sweet creature so popular among girls who finally choose it as pet in Monstro City. One other thing that is found to be so interesting about the boots is that the color matches the eyes of Poppet perfectly.

moshi monster poppet coloring pages
It is not so clear about what creature Poppet actually is. Even so, there is a kind of proof says whether it belongs to the cat family.

The proof is that its favorite food is mice crispies. In addition to that, all Poppets in Moshi Monsters also have moustache-like feature on their face too just like the ones belong to real cats.

One other fact that you have to know is that Poppet seems to be a girl proven by the sound that it makes. Other than that, some versions of her appearance, as seen in this coloring pages that you can get here, shows that she is a girl too.

One interesting version of her is known as Geeky Poppet when she wears plaid shirt that matches her plaid headband and an oversized glasses that just make her look even sweeter. Besides this version, there are some other versions too, like Beach Poppet and Explorer Poppet.
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