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Who does not know Elmo? Everybody knows who Elmo is. He is a cute and cuddly monster who gets famous because of his appearance in Sesame Street TV show. He is furry and his fur color is red. Even so, his nose is rather orange instead of red. He does not really look like his mother but quite similar to his father, who also has red fur and orange nose just like him. For you to know the name of his mother is Mae and his father is Louie. It is also told that Elmo actually has a sister and her name is Daisy. She is pictured as the female version of Elmo with pigtail hair.

elmo coloring pages
Elmo, the character that I use in these Elmo coloring pages, is a very popular character in Sesame Street. He, who is also known to have birthday in every 3rd of February, has a good and cheerful personality.

Even if he is a monster, he is not scary at all. Moreover, he keeps a goldfish named Dorothy in a bowl as a pet too. Well, it seems that he consider this fish as female then.

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As a Muppet monster, Elmo also has a good singing ability. In the TV series, he is the singer of a lot of songs alone or together with some other Muppet characters. Moreover, he also sings featuring some famous people, like; Rosie O’Donnell, Jon Stewart, and some others. It seems that this cute little guy is really talented, isn’t he?

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