Brobee Yo Gabba Gabba Coloring Pages

When you see a cute stripes green monster with three orange spikes on his head, surely it is no other else but Brobee. He is one of the Gabbas that can be seen in a TV show, Yo Gabba Gabba. He is actually the youngest among the Gabbas. His age is only 4 and that might be the reason why he is considered by the Gabbas as the baby.

brobee yo gabba gabba coloring pages
Just like what is shown here, the usual expression of Brobee is the smiley face. Even so, as a Gabba monster he actually has something that is not owned by any other Gabbas.

The thing meant here is changing facial expression from his usual face into a frown face. This face occurs whenever he does like something, feeling sad about something or simply because he gets angry. As the youngest, it is so reasonable that he get a bit spoiled sometimes, right?

Other special thing about Brobee is related to the task that is often given to him. The task meant here is rather interesting because it is no other else but tasting new foods whenever the time to eat comes.

brobee playing coloring pages

Of course it sounds like a very fun task to do because there will be a huge chance to taste new and delicious food all the time. If we get this kind of task, it seems that we still have to be aware because we do not really know about how the new foods will taste like.

brobee with baloon coloring pages
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