Spongebob Squarepants Coloring Pages

Actually, this character is a sea sponge even though the shape is more likely a kitchen sponge. He is a creature with optimistic and energetic personality. In Bikini Bottom, he lives in a pineapple house with Gary, his snail. The pet meows like a kitten. However, it is shown in many episodes that the pet is able to speak. Sponge Bob loves it much.

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He works in a restaurant named Krusty Krab. He has a sociable starfish friend, Patrick. People like with its stunning color, yellow.

So, it is undeniable that kids are easily attracted with it. So, if you are going to make them busy with positive things while you are doing something, Sponge Bob coloring pages will be a good alternative.

Everytime we love a movie freakily, we must think that the location or setting of it is real. Then, we keep our curiosity about it. Are you wondering where Sponge Bob lives actually? Is the city really existed? This article will give you some information about it then.

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Well, even though the city is not able to be found in reality, it will be so fun for Sponge Bob huge fans to know it more and more. In the story, it is told that under the sea is the location of Bikini Bottom. It is below Bikini Atoll, the signature island of it. That is stated by Stephen Hillenburg, the narrator of the story. You are able to find a lot of examples of evidence shown in the series.

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