Yo Gabba Gabba Foofa Coloring Pages

She is pink and she is happy! She is no other else but Foofa, a female character of Yo Gabba Gabba kids TV show. She can be said as a flower monster because there is a huge flower feature on her head. Besides, she seems to look like she is wearing a kind of flower collar around her neck. You can check it out in these Yo Gabba Gabba Foofa coloring pages that I share especially for all of you.

yo gabba gabba foofa coloring pages
Just like what is told previously, Foofa has happy personality. The way she moves, does things, and talks shows that she is a real cute female Gabba. Her voice sounds so calming. It might be the reason why sometimes she looks like the big sister of the Gabbas, especially for the youngest one, Brobee.

As Gabba, she lives in a realm that seems to meet her characteristics the most. It looks like a garden with green grass covering most parts of it.

There is also kind of hills or mountains which tops of them are covered with flowers that seems to be one of her favorite things above all. Sometimes, some cute creatures are also seen in this place, including squirrel with odd but cute purple color and a gopher too.

printable foofa from yo gabba gabba coloring pages free
The name of this realm is even very similar to her name. It is Foofaland. It is so reasonable then if she feels very happy living in that land where she can do many things, like singing, mixing colors, and others.
foofa flowers coloring pages

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