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Snow White is a Disney Princess character who is famous since the year of 1937 on her first appearance on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. She is a very young princess with so pure heart and also kindness. It is too bad that this thing brings something bad to her instead. It is the jealousy of her step mother than finally makes her fall asleep like forever because of the poisoned apple the mother gives to her. Fortunately, a handsome prince saves her and they finally become lovers.

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Snow White is often considered as a symbol of beauty and innocent beside the fact that she is also a very kind character. In Disney, she is pictured as someone who cannot see evil thing around her. It may be the reason why she always tries her best to do good things instead of the bas ones.

She is also known to be a very friendly person. It is proven by the fact that she becomes friends with all forest creatures that she meets, including also the Seven Dwarfs that seems to give her a chance to show her protective mother figure.

In all of her appearance, as in the Snow White coloring pages that I share here, she is always shown wearing her princess dress with an up-high collar and also balloon short sleeves. The color of her shoes match the color of the lower part of her dress quite the most and it makes her looks simply pretty in any ways.
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