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Tom and Jerry is everybody’s favorite cartoon series of all time. This series was actually made a very long time ago. To be more specific, it was in February, 1940. This slapstick comedy cartoon series mainly tells about the rivalry of the two main characters, which are Tom the cat and also Jerry the mouse as seen in the following Tom and Jerry coloring pages.

easy tom and jerry coloring pages for kids
Tom, which full name is Thomas Cat, can be described as cat with mainly grey fur. At a glance he might look like British short-hair cat in reality but in fact he is not.

Based on the history of the series, it is known that he actually belongs to the race of short-hair domestic cat. He is rather tricky when it comes to his personality.

It seems so rare for him to defeat his rival, which can also be said as a dinner, that Tom always try to eat, Jerry.

Jerry, on the other hand is a house mouse with mainly brown color. Just like Tom, he is also described as a male in the story. Compared to Tom, Jerry is cleverer. It is proven by the fact that he often defeats Tom by using many tricks even if he is only a small mouse who lives in a small mouse hole in the house where Thomas lives.

One thing that you might not know until now is that the full name of Jerry is in fact Jeremiah Mouse. Besides, he is also known for the first time as Jinx.

free printable tom and jerry coloring pictures

tom and jerry coloring pages

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